Fabulous double decked Edinburgh bus drivers decided to have a strike this weekend, i.e. no buses running in Edinburgh at all. There is another bus company in Edinburgh but their bus routes do not cover a very big range. The weather on Sat was awful so I decided to stay in the flat, plus a guy is coming to see the flat at 7pm. I gave the flat (and my room) a big cleaning and I baked banana scone! How good is that?! The guy is all right. He is from London, a bit shy but seems to be nice. He reminds me about another friend called Michael (similar accent). After he left, we (3 girls) had a discussion. Basically, three of us are single (Natalia's bf has gone back to US and they decided to 'take easy'). Three single girls and one OK looking guy... hm.... not so good idea. But we will see. I feel I can live with him. But there will be no more walking to shower with nothing on but a towel.

Sunday turned out to be a nice day. I was wearing wooly jumper and socks a day before (and still looked purple). I can't stand staying in the flat doing nothing. So I decided to walk to the lab (one hour each way). Believe me, it is a long way. Two other PhD girls were working in the office as well. I have a very bad habit: I can't concentrate when there are people beside me. So instead of marking around on computer as I always do if I was by myself, I went to look at my RNAi transfected slides. Very interesting result, but I should check again before I become too happy (this has happened a couple times. Over joyed and then found out it was a false result. I've learnt my lessons). Keep it quiet till you are really sure about it, otherwise you are just causing yourself unnecessary troubles. (Group members hate you when you have good results), sad, I know...

Then I went for a swim! I arrived when there were hardly anyone in the pool (me and another person!) The pool is fabulous!!!! (no smelly chlorine which makes your skin rash. The pool uses 'ozone' for cleaning. No smell at all. Actually, the pool smells very perfumery.) Lifeguard was bored and said hello to me (and almost made me drown! I can't talk while I am swimming!) I was going to swim for 20 lanes (5 km) but stopped at 16 because I realised the lifeguard walks faster than I swim!! (haha!) So I went to the steam room for 10 min, followed by a warm wash to wash away the waste, then another 10 min of sauna, followed by a cold shower to close the pores. I need this to get rid off the alcohol/cigarett from pub night on Friday.

Here comes the worse part, I am tired and feel relaxed (you know the feeling after exercise) but now I have to find my way home. There is no other way except walk (and it is uphill!) I can see castle, standing high on the hill. After I get to castle, it is only half way. And I made it: and I was hungry!

Russian flatmate made this wonderful mushroom pie and it is for us to sample. It is the best pie I ever tasted! I still cooked curry (the only thing I am good at cooking) and had curry with Veronica.

Now it is 10:45pm and I want to go to bed, although I have to catch up on some yeast two hybrid reading. Perhaps I will wake up eariler tomorrow and do the readings before I go to work. It is another busy day but lots connection with people. Sometimes I feel I have to 'physically' switch on the socilising switch as soon as I step into the building (put a smile on the face, chat to people, make jokes etc). Do I have autism? maybe... Actually, autism might be a form of extrem where our brain tries hard to make it like a 'male' brain. I am too sleepy to expand on this paragrah and should stop here. Bye for now.

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