To celebrate my birthday, we went out for a meal. I was wanting to have food and then go home and chill out.  The night out eating almost turned into a hen's party!

I have never drank this much in my life. I wasn't feeling too well before we went out. There are some serious problems between my supervisor and me and I felt depressed. We got to the pub, and I drank a bottle of Spanish beer very quickly. Normally, a bottle of beer would knock me off.  We waved goodbye to people who can only make for a drink and jumped on the bus heading to an Italian restaurant.

We ordered food and a bottle of wine to share between four people. Glass got emptied very quickly. We ordered another bottle of wine. Drank very quickly. Then we ordered dessert with alcohol (brandy and vodka). Drank/eaten very quickly. I was quite drunk already. The last thing caught at the corner of my eye before we headed to a pub was a waitor spoon-feeding one of a female customers sitting at the table beside us.

Before I can do anything, the cork of a bottle of champaign was popped! Great atmoshpere! By the time when I had another top-up of the champaign, I was at the verge of throwing out.

Then the ballon came out, it went very wild! The ballon! (Oh dear....) I had to cover it with my jacket to take it with me back to the flat across the road.

Straight into bed, unconcious.

Managed to drag myself to the lab and did some experiments at 9:30am, rather impressed.

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