There is another good news in the lab!

Simon and Sebby engaged in the weekend!  They are the fifth good news happened in the lab since New year!  They say good things come in 3 or 7. We have 5 now. So, there will be two more!

I know Simon! He was writting up his PhD thesis when I first started. I thought he is a quiet person but he proved me wrong. Ginger hair, glasses, funny Manchester accent, but insists to enjoy the very fine of life (e.g. nice car and flat!) He went through a lot in the past year. Simon's mum was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away within 6 months time. She was so young. I witnessed Simon's grief during that time. Luckly, Sebby was there with him. And Simon recovered very quickly.

I saw a big change in Sebby too. Before they started going out which was just over a year ago, Sebby looked OK but now she is glowing! She looks happy, healthy, and shinning. It is amazing how love can do to a person. 

Simon took Sebby out camping. It was pouring down and they were in the tent. Suddly, Simon got down to one knee and propsed! (how romantic!!!) The ring (gorgeous, a big diamond) was wrapped in paper with a note on it saying, 'I owe you a ring'. That is so sweet!

I guess I have recovered well enough from my heart-breaking experience. I felt really happy for them when I first heard the news but felt I am missing out something when I was alone later on. Lorna, who just broke up with her boyfriend who she has gone out together with for over 6 years, almost broke into tears when she heard the news. Poor thing. It is not easy. The first 6 months after I broke up with him, I would become tearful when I saw teddy bears holding hearts or red roses. That is how much love hurts. 

It is getting harder and harder to find people go to pub with or watch movies because most of them have got their wee committment (baby or the other half). And I am still alone.

That is enough for today. Bye for now.

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