It is the Monday of Victorian weekend- holiday.  Lab is still packed with keen students/scientists! I slept in till 10:30 this morning and treated myself with a nice breakfast. Nice breakfast means I sat down and ate food properly (instead of shuffling in whatever I can grab!) Off I went!- to the lab of course!

I have been walking to the lab for weeks (didn't see any significant changes in my weight) but I am conveinced that I am slightly fitter. Now I can walk up the stairs from basement (where my office is) to 3rd floor (where the lab is) without needing to use oxygen mask.  People know me would know I absolutely hate walking because it is boring and it takes forever! Aided with a dolgy pedometer and radio, it is slightly bearable! I absolultely enjoy BBC radio!

Now I am sitting in front of my laptop, waiting for the incubation of my RNA in situ slides to finish (it is in its last NBT/BCIP stage), feeling a bit tired and wish I could soak myself in a spa. PhD is a stressful job!

Better get back to whatever I should be doing.


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